To disseminate technical information and job installation problems from the Ceramic Tile Institute of America, Inc. (CTIOA Inc.) to members and the construction industry.

To work with building and plumbing code authorities on matters pertaining to the best practices and technologies pertaining to the installation of tile.

To work with suppliers of tile and allied installation products to ensure stable and long lasting installations.

To identify appropriate CTIOA Inc. representation on all national ASTM or ANSI Committees dealing with ceramic tile and their installation/

To identify appropriate CTIOA Inc. representation on all committees related to the specifications of tile installation materials including mortars, adhesives, cements and grouts.

To develop installation specifications where such do not already exist.

To help overcome jobsite installation problems by providing consultation services for a project prior, during and after the installation of tile. Call the CTIOA Inc. office for fee schedule.

When an inspection/consultation is made, it will be a complete inspection of the items listed on the Inspection Request Form and installation will be compared to the Standards of the Tile Trade. This means that the written report will cover those items that were listed on the Inspection Request Form.

The report will be mailed to that party who requested the inspection. Other interested parties may obtain a copy of the report after ten (10) days of its original mailing by contacting CTIOA Inc.

Technical Committee Members

Members of the Technical Committee are required to have a 75% attendance at the monthly meetings in order to maintain their membership.

Name Company Name
John Alldredge Custom Building Products
Greg Andrews Andrews Tile
Dean Atkins Dean Atkins Tile Co.
David Bonasera ESP Environmentally Safe Products & Procedure
Bob Buswell Walker Zanger
Ron Cade Cade Custom Tile
Gil Chotam Tile & Stone Authority
Darin Coats Technical Services & Information Bureau
Bruce Cossell Lynco Associates Inc.
Thadius Daniels
John Diaz Custom Building Products
Daniel Dixon Ceramic Tile Forensics
Thomas Domenici
David Fatula Oceanside Glasstile
Scott Fleming Glass Tile Consultants Scott Fleming Ceramic Tile
Hank Hinman
Ron Jackson
Erik Johnson Wirtz Quality Installations, Inc.
Bill Klaser Klaser Tile Co. Inc.
David Kolle Cornerstone Flooring Solutions LLC
Ron Lacher with Gray’s approval
Gray LaFortune Ceramic Tile Institute of America Inc. (CTIOA Inc)
Lindell Lummer Malibu Art Tile & Stone
David McCue Excetera Consulting Inc.
Budd Newcomb Budd Newcomb Consulting
John Padilla
Mike Payne Mike Payne & Associates
Donato Pompo Ceramic Tile & Stone Consultants LLC
Steve Raish Ceramic Tile & Stone Consultants LLC
Dale Roberts Custom Building Products
Loren Rucker Rucker Tile
Bryan Stanley with Gray’s approval
William White Custom Building Products
Paul Wilson
committee chair
Ceramic Tile Institute of America Inc. (CTIOA Inc)