Glossary of Industry Terms



Quality assurance

A system of procedures for selecting the levels of quality required for a project or portion thereof to perform the functions intended, and assuring that these levels are obtained.

Quality control

A system of procedures and standards by which a constructor, product manufacturer, materials processor, or the like, monitors the properties of the finished work.

Quarry tile

Unglazed tile, usually 6 in. 2 or more in surface area and ‘/z to 3/4 in. (13 to 19 mm) in thickness, made by the extrusion process from natural clay or shales. (ASTM C 242).


A method of obtaining a representative sample by dividing a circular pile of a larger sample into four equal parts and discarding opposite quarters successively until the desired size of sample is obtained.


Calcium oxide (CaO). (See also Lime.)