Glossary of Industry Terms



Half and half

See Spacing mix

Hard screed

A mortar screed that has become firm. Hard Tile. A term used in the tile trade to designate types of tile, such as ceramic, glass mosaic, marble tile, etc., over which the tile trade has jurisdiction. Hard tile as compared to resilient tile.


Hawks range in size from 10″ to 14″ square, but tilesetters generally prefer the 11″ square. Most hawks are made of aluminum with a wooden handle at the center. A rubber pad fits over the handle and covers that portion of the metal hawk that would come in contact with the hand. The hawk should not be held with a hand that is wet or covered with lime or mortar.

Healing power

The ability of a glaze to heal surface blemishes during firing. (ASTM C 242).

Heavy duty tile

Tile suitable for areas where heavy pedestrian traffic is prevalent. Tile can be specified to meet higher test values as determined by job requirements but a minimum heavy duty tile test requirement is necessary.


A portable trough for carrying mortar, bricks, etc., fixed crosswise on top of a pole and carried on the shoulder.

Hollow casting

See Casting, drain.

Hopped-up mud

Mortar mixed with an accelerator. Horizontal broken joints. A style of laying tile with each course offset one-half its length.

Hot cement

Newly manufactured cement which has not had an opportunity to cool after burning and grinding of the component materials.

Hot mud or hot stuff

Mortar mixed with an accelerator. Hot pressing. See Pressing, hot.


A chemical combination of water with another compound or an element.

Hydrated lime

Calcium hydroxide, a dry powder obtained by treating quicklime with water.